Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reaching the World In Woodside, Queens

Flying over night from New York's, JFK Airport to Lima, Peru gives one plenty of time to reflect, especially if you cannot sleep.

I made a weekend trip to Lima, Peru, solely for ministry purposes. While in Lima, I visited with several families from our congregation in Queens, NY, carrying pictures and goods for loved ones. I attended the baptism of one of our members at one of our Lutheran churches in Lima, Peru. I had the opportunity to also preach at the same church. Finally, I had the joy to share the joy of Easter at a memorial service.

I walked away absolutely convinced that our Gospel ministry in Woodside, Queens, is reaching the ends of the earth. As I preached at our church in Lima, Peru, one of my English students, walked into the church with a smile on her face. We met first in Queens. After I did the memorial service, at least ten people walked up and said, "Do you remember me? I was at your church in Queens." In fact, all the people I had contact with in Lima, Peru over the weekend heard the gospel because we simply shared the good news with our neighborhood in Queens, NY.

We may be a relatively small church, but God has used us to change hearts and lives in places as far away as Lima, Peru.