Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Grand Soft Opening

Sunday was quite a day. I wanted to share with you both the joy that we had. Feel free to also share our joy with others as well.

Sunday, we held our first worship service in our newly renovated building, but we had an even better reason to rejoice yesterday. The angels danced in heaven as four believers confessed their shared faith with us and also communed with us for the first time. We also maxed out the capacity of our chapel in our first worship service with well over 50 people in attendance. God continues to bless his Word as he has promised.

With our new families joining yesterday, we have to pause and thank God for growth. Not only is God having us grow in faith, but he also is blessing us numerically. As of yesterday, we now serve 60 souls and 50 communicants. At the beginning of 2008, we were at 23 communicants with 25 souls. At the end of calendar year 2008 we stood at 29 communicants with 34 souls. Now in 2009, we have nearly doubled in size with continued growth expected. Just yesterday, several people asked to begin membership classes. We also expect several baptisms in the coming months as some approached me yesterday with that in mind. These are older children and adult baptisms.

We are also pleased to share with you that we will start the first ever youth confirmation class at Sure Foundation with between 4 and 5 students right after Labor Day.

Please join us in thanking the Savior in your prayers for his continued blessing and enjoy the pics.

Pastor Tim