Thursday, October 11, 2012

Revelation Rewind

Revelation Rewind - Sundays at 9:30am and 6pm

Filled with stories of dragons and supernatural warfare, ominous visions depicting worldwide catastrophe and death on an unparalleled scale, no book of the Bible is more mysterious or more debated than the book of Revelation.

Many people find the book of Revelation frightening and incomprehensible, when, really, God gave John these extraordinary visions to bring comfort and peace to his people as we live out the journey in these last days. Yet, it’s only when we remember that all these mysterious visions lead somewhere (somewhere amazing!) that we begin to comprehend the comfort the book of Revelation holds out to us.

To help us gain a better understanding of this precious gem of scripture we’re going to spend some time this fall exploring the main themes of Revelation. As we do so, we’re going to start at the end (the place where all these visions lead) and rewind back to the beginning.

Dig into Revelation with these Resources

Listen to Dr. Siegbert Becker’s Lectures on Revelation, an audio recording made in 1981 and second to none.  Down load for free at:
     End Times: Jesus is Coming Soon by Professor Thomas Nass.  Order at church or here online.
     You can purchase the People’s Bible volume on Revelation written by Pastor Wayne Mueller.  Order at church or here online.

Weekly Plan

October 7:  The Ultimate Adventure - Listen to this sermon here!
Sermon Text:  Revelation 21:1-5

October 14:  Armageddon
Sermon Text:  Revelation 20:7-10

October 21: 666
Sermon Text:  Revelation 13:11-18

October 28:  Headless Kings
Sermon Text:  Revelation 20:4-6

November 4:  The Victory of the Lamb (Reformation)
Sermon Text:  Revelation 5:1-10

November 11:  The Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Sermon Text:  Revelation 6:1-8

November 18:  144,000
Sermon Text:  Revelation 7:1-8