Monday, April 25, 2011

What Our White Board Says at Easter

There was no plan to write anything on the white board in our Bible study room that we like to call the Fellowship room.

As we were cleaning on Saturday in preparation for our Easter celebration, someone wrote Happy Easter on it with an exclamation point. A snowball started rolling down the hill. One of our Chinese members decided to write Happy Easter in Mandarin for all our of the Chinese speakers coming for Easter. Not to be out done, one of members grabbed a marker and wrote in French for all the French speakers who who would attend the next day. Then, one of our Honduran members grabbed a marker and wrote in Spanish (with his very best handwriting).

On Easter morning, people continued to share their joy. One member wrote Happy Easter in Japanese. Then, a new family shared their Easter joy in Tagalog, a language from the Philippines right after their baby boy was baptized.

When I saw what had happened on our white board, I had to smile. People had expressed their joy in Jesus' victory over sin, death, and the devil in a spontaneous, diverse, and personal way. They wanted people of their own language to read and hear the message.

Did you ever think that a white board could say all that at Easter?