Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jail and Prison Ministry Presentation

Is there any hope for those in prison and jail? Will they ever change?
Mr. Mark Santelman of WELS Prison Ministries will present to Sure Foundation Lutheran Church during the English and Spanish Bible class hour on March 13, 2011. He will share stories about how America's hardest criminals are being changed by the Holy Spirit. He will also ask for help in bring Christ to Rikers Island inmates and their families.

The WELS Jail Ministry Training Team is an initiative funded by WELS Special Ministries and Prison Ministry to train WELS members for jail and prison ministry. We thank them for their prayers and encouragement.

Mr. Santelman shared this real letter from on inmate concerning the impact of jail ministry:

"Until I found Jesus - or rather until He found me, I hated all those around me. I was lost and very lonely and want to mesh out that pain to those around me - the pain that I was feeling. I had my own version of violence - I am a murderer - but when Jesus came into my heart I walked away from it all. I haven't done drugs or hated or hurt since that day. I was leader of the most violent gang here in prison for 12 years (been in prison 17 years.) Now I talk to those gang members about Jesus! Isn't that a wondrous story of the power of God's love through the Holy Spirit?!! RK"

Check out some photos from the presentation: