Tuesday, January 18, 2011

English Classes Remain a Felt Need in Woodside

This past week, Sure Foundation once again resumed teaching Conversational English. Our program focuses on teaching the very basics of English conversation to those who speak foreign languages. The key to the program's success is grouping native English speakers with those who wish to learn English. In these groups, the English speakers strive to have conversations about a variety of topics with their counterparts. For an explanation about our program.

We began teaching Conversational English almost a year ago. Attendance remains strong at the classes. In fact, we have recently capped the number of students in the class so that we can provide the best experience possible to those learning English in our classes. The classes will continue through the coming calendar year. Link to our class schedule.

If you would like to volunteer or support our program in any way, please contact Pastor Tim.

Pastor Tim Bourman