Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dancing the Gospel: Sure Foundation attends the NYC Ballet

On Sunday, January 24, Sure Foundation attended the NYC Ballet performance of The Prodigal Son. The performance took place at the Lincoln Center in Midtown Manhattan.

Daniel Ulbricht, a member of Sure Foundation, is one of the principal dancers in the NYC Ballet. He danced the part of the prodigal son on this particular date. Since he wanted to share his joy in the gospel danced in the production, he invited Sure Foundation to attend the performance.

Nickisha Vander Wyst attended the event and offered to blog about it: The parable of the Lost Son describes a self-centered son who demands to live life on his own away from his father's house and rules. He takes his share of the inheritance, moves away to the big city and whittles it away on sinful and lustful things. After he loses it all and starvation fills the land, he thinks that even his father's servants were better off than he, and so he returns to his father, thinking that he doesn't deserve forgiveness, but to work as one of his servants. Instead, his father celebrates the return of his lost son and welcomes him back with open arms.

Translated to the stage, the recent production of the Prodigal Son by the New York City Ballet emphasized temptation and revelry in sin, using symbolism and body language which are familiar to modern New York City life. Also, the ballet expressed in a passionate and moving way the pain and torture we feel in a world without God's love - the starvation, weakness and loneliness we would feel every day without the joy of the Spirit. The Son collapsed under his own weight out of weakness, falling over continuously and dragging himself through the darkness and finally into the open arms of his Father, where he curled up, forgiven.

Sure Foundation thanks the NYC Ballet and Daniel Ulbricht for the opportunity to remember through the arts the great things our God has done to save us.